Check compatibility: What devices and/or operating systems does Aktiia work with?



Place your Aktiia Bracelet on the charger


Plug in the charger to a power supply and place your Aktiia Bracelet on the charger. You should hear a small “click” as the Bracelet is magnetically locked on the charger. If you feel a force repulsing the bracelet, try rotating it by 180°. 

You should see a red light glowing at the bottom of the charger. 


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Bluetooth permissions


The mobile app will ask you to enable cellular data or WiFi and allow access to Bluetooth.

In case you are using an Android device, you will be required to grant location access as well. This is an Android system requirement to enable a successful Bluetooth connection, Aktiia does not store or use your location information. 

To learn more about this, please refer to our Privacy Policy



Start pairing


Press the “START PAIRING” button on your phone, keeping the bracelet on the charger and your mobile phone close by. You should be set up in few seconds.