The Aktiia Bracelet is designed for personal use (single user) only. During the pairing procedure, the devices are linked to your account. In case you wish to reset the pairing and allow another person to use the device you must reset the pairing first. To complete the unpairing procedure you should :

  • Go to "Devices" screen

  • Tap on the three dots beside the Bracelet to Unpair

  • Tap on the three dots beside the Cuff to Unpair

Note : Unpairing is needed if Aktiia Bracelet and/or Aktiia cuff needs to be linked with a new user account. Note : Unpairing is notneeded if a new mobile device is used to download Aktiia data with the same user account.

See the FAQ related to this topic here:I changed my phone/I lost my phone/ My phone broke. Do I need to unpair and pair again?