Aktiia takes several measurements every hour, but your Aktiia App will show you only a single average value of all measurements taken in the specified period. (You can print a pdf report to see all measurements: How do I generate a report of all the measurements? How can I share my data with my doctor?

Possible reasons why you may be missing blood pressure measurements include:

1. Your bracelet still needs to sync

The measurements are stored in the bracelet and need to be sent to the app. It can take a few seconds for data to be processed by the Aktiia system. For extended delays, check your internet connection.

2. Bracelet out of battery

Keeping your battery charged ensures you get BP measurements throughout the day.

3. Bracelet was not worn

If you take the bracelet off, remember to put it back on your wrist.

4. Physical activity

Blood pressure measurements are taken when you are at rest and still. No measurements are taken when you are physically active or moving your wrist.

5. Cold hands

When your hands are cold, the blood vessels constrict which makes it difficult for the bracelet to take a measurement. Keep your hands warm to increase the chances of a successful blood pressure measurement.

6. Bracelet strap was too tight or too loose

Adjust the strap, so the Aktiia bracelet rests firmly yet comfortably on the skin. When fitted correctly, you should be able to slide a pencil between the strap and your wrist.

In summary

Accuracy is our top priority,

when the bracelet detects wrist movements, it switches off the sensing modules, and you will see an empty slot in the Aktiia App. The device will do its best to catch your next quiet period to measure again and continue filling in data slots.

Simply continue using the device as you will have more chances to get blood pressure readings into the App. Wearing the bracelet tight enough is very important (it should not be worn too loose, but still comfortable).