Here are the first steps you need to follow to get your Aktiia up and running. 

If you get stuck, please tell us what exactly went wrong and send us any error messages you may see to

Please open the manuals to see the Contraindications :

Step 1: Charge the cuff and the bracelet

Attention: remove the plastic film from the sensor; this is not always visible at first sight. 

During the charging of the bracelet, the charger slowly glows red. Once charged, the red light is constant.

While charging the cuff, the LED will be blinking green, and once charged, steady green. Do not forget to switch on the cuff for charging. 

While the devices are charging, you can download and install the app.

Step 2: Download and install the app

Download the free Aktiia mobile application from the official store (Android, iOS). 

Check the compatibility: What devices and/or operating systems does Aktiia work with? compatibility

Aktiia is only legally able to sell and ship devices to countries where we have received regulatory clearance. Currently, those countries include the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Republic of Ireland and Italy. We are actively moving into other countries. To learn when we may be coming to yours, please sign up for our international wait list (International - Aktiia 24/7 Blood Pressure Monitor ).
The Aktiia mobile application is available through the Apple Store and Google Play, registered in a European country. 

Step 3: REGISTER and Create your personal Aktiia Account

Please note that is important to first create an Aktiia Account by clicking the button "REGISTER" in the Aktiia application on your Phone. 

Create an account by tapping on the “REGISTER” button and completing the information required in the registration process.

Select the checkboxes for the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy, and press CONTINUE, to fill your personal information.

When you have filled your Personal information, verify your email. That will send you an e-mail with a link to confirm your email. If you did not verify your e-mail address within 24 hours by clicking on the verification link in the email you received, you will need to repeat the Process from the start.

If you did not receive the Verification email, please follow these steps:

  • Check your spam inbox

  • Repeat the registration process making sure you input the correct email address

  • Check your spam filters

When your e-mail has been verified, you can continue to the next step showed on the Aktiia App to pair your cuff and your bracelet.

Step 4: Pair your cuff and your bracelet

Warning: do not attempt to connect your Aktiia devices from the Bluetooth list on your phone, otherwise the pairing will fail.
Once you have verified your email, you are ready to pair your cuff and your bracelet. 
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Location access have to be granted.

Note: The Aktiia app never gathers or uses location information. However, Android is designed in a way such that the Aktiia app will need location access permission in order to perform a Bluetooth scan (needed to pair your Aktiia bracelet and cuff). A Bluetooth scan can potentially be used to gather information about the location of the user (which the Aktiia app never does). This information may come from the user’s own devices, as well as Bluetooth beacons in use at locations such as shops and transit facilities. The request for location access permission is Android's way of making users aware of this.

For iOS it is not necessary to grant location access.

You can press CONTINUE to start the pairing. To pair your Aktiia bracelet, please place it on the charger. Ensure the red led is either glowing or steady on.
If you should encounter any problem in the process, please consult our troubleshooting section TROUBLESHOOTING ISSUES , or contact our support at

Press CONTINUE to pair also your cuff.

(blue star) The cuff should NOT be charging at this time, or pairing will fail.

Switch ON the cuff, a blinking blue light should appear on the device.  
The app will guide you through the process. Tap Continue and Start Pairing. 
If the pairing is successful, you will receive a message in the app: "Great! Your Aktiia cuff is paired."

The blue light on the cuff will do not blink anymore, but be steady blue.

Press CONTINUE to perform the initialization.

In the app, under Devices, you will now find both the bracelet and the cuff paired.

Step 5: Initialization

The App will walk you through the initialization: How do I perform the initialization correctly?
If you should encounter any issues during the initialization process, please refer to our Troubleshooting section.

Please note that sometimes, despite having followed all the steps carefully, a successful measurement cannot be performed.   

This may be due to low skin perfusion at your wrist or to your blood pressure varying too much within the measurements. In these cases, Aktiia app will ask you to quit the measurement and come back in few hours, to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.   

In case you are still having issues with the process after 3 attempts performed at different times of the day, please make the Aktiia Support aware and do not keep using this device.

Step 6: Store your cuff

Now you can store your cuff for the next 30 days, until the app requires you to perform another initialization.