Time in target range (TTR) is a new, better metric for assessing blood pressure (BP). TTR refers to the percent of time your BP stays within an optimal range - in other words, the “target” range. BP does it’s damage to organs over time. So extended periods within an optimal BP range are better, making a higher TTR preferable to a lower TTR. Currently, the “optimal” range for BP in the Aktiia app is set for the systolic BP (SBP) to be equal to or below 135 mm Hg, and the diastolic BP (DBP) to be equal to or below 85 mm Hg. This is based on international BP guidelines. To be in the target range, both the systolic and diastolic must be below their specific thresholds. 

Monitoring TTR allows you to gauge how well your blood pressure is controlled over time, correlating directly to the effects of BP on organ systems.