No. This is not possible. It is important to understand how the App displays the bracelet readings.

For example: From 16h to 17h you were not wearing the bracelet, but at the 16h dot, you see a value; How is this possible?

The bracelet took a measurement at 17:04, then at 17:23, and also at 17:40 for example.. That will display an average value at the 16h dot on the App because it will show an average of all measurements between 16h and 18h.

If you click on the 16h dot, it will show you the time range and the date.

For the same reason, at 17:05 you will see a different average value at 16h than at 17:55, because each time there is a new measurement, the average value will update on the home screen (rolling average).

The value you see also depends on when the last synchronization took place. That means, that the measurements stored in the bracelet did not all synchronize at the same time with the app (For instance, if you do not have an internet connection or BLE ON).

To see all individual measurements, you can always generate a report: How do I generate a report of all the measurements? How can I share my data with my doctor?