Please ensure that your phone is compatible with Aktiia App: What devices and/or operating systems does Aktiia work with?

And that you Aktiia App is not installed in any other device with Bluetooth ON.


To try to solve this issue you could check the following:

  • Your Bluetooth is ON and your phone is less than 1 meter away from your Aktiia bracelet.

  • Accept the location permission (Android only)

  • Swipe down on the Home screen to force the connection

  • Double tap or shake the bracelet to check if a green light appears.

If there is no light, the Aktiia bracelet might be out of battery, please charge the bracelet. Is the bracelet charging?

If yes, please put the bracelet on the charger. This action will reset the Aktiia bracelet and allow the connection. Is the bracelet connecting while on the charger only? Or does it also connect when it is off the charger?

  • Restart your phone

  • Is the charger pulsing red? If no, check the charger, USB cable, hardware issue

If this does not help, check if the Aktiia bracelet is present on the Bluetooth settings of your phone.

If it is visible, please follow the next instructions:

  • Unpair the device from your Bluetooth settings by doing "Forget" the Aktiia bracelet device.

  • Open the app, if in the "Devices" screen the Aktiia Bracelet is visible, press the 3 little dots and do "Unpair".

  • Kill the app

  • Update the app to latest version.

  • Put Aktiia Bracelet on the chargerIf it was already on charger, lift and reposition, this will reset the bracelet. 

  • Be sure there is no other Aktiia bracelet on the charger in the room.

  • Open the app and try pairing again, from "Devices" screen click on "Add new bracelet" and accept location permission on Android (without removing the bracelet from the charging station)

The app will then ask you for the pairing of the bracelet as if it was the first time was seeing the device.

If it is not visible, please ensure your Bluetooth is ON and you accepted the location permission on Android.