Aktiia device is meant for personal use only and should not be shared.  

The error message is displayed when you try to pair an Aktiia device to two different user accounts. 

One account = Aktiia Bracelet + Aktiia Cuff

Ensure that only the Aktiia Bracelet you are trying to pair is on the charger and/or the Aktiia cuff you are trying to pair is the one that is paired with your account.

Please see the following FAQ`s for further information on how to pair/unpair your Aktiia devices: 

Pairing your Aktiia Bracelet

Pairing your Aktiia Cuff

How do I transfer my bracelet to a different user?

I changed my phone/I lost my phone/ My phone broke. Do I need to unpair and pair again?

How do I unpair my device?