Aktiia Cuff must be placed on the opposite arm with respect to the one wearing the Bracelet (i.e. if you wear Aktiia Bracelet on your RIGHT wrist, place the Cuff over your LEFT arm and vice versa).

  1. Remove garments from your upper arm. If you roll up your sleeve, please ensure that the garment is not too tight so that it does not cause any blood flow constriction.
  2. Place your bare arm through the Cuff and position the Cuff 1 (2-3 cm) above your elbow joint.
  3. Tighten the Cuff around your arm so that it fits closely but you can still insert two fingers between your arm and the Cuff. Secure the Cuff closed with the Velcro fastener.
  4. While seated, place your hand, palm side-up in front of you so that it is supported by a flat surface and the Aktiia Cuff is at the same height as your heart. Your Aktiia Cuff monitor is positioned on the inner side of your arm, over the artery and the logo is towards your elbow joint. Please check the instructions for use provided with the Aktiia Cuff.