Aktiia Bracelet uses PPG technology (Photoplethysmography) to acquire optical data on your wrist. The PPG data are then transferred through the Aktiia App to a secured cloud server on which Aktiia’s algorithms estimate your blood pressure through advanced processing of the optical data. Aktiia Bracelet detects if the user is moving before initiating a PPG measurement and will provide blood pressure measurements only when the user is still. This product is licensed under patents owned by CSEM SA, Switzerland.

Wearing the bracelet 24hrs/day, will send the measurements to the Aktiia App that you installed on your Phone and will give you an overall understanding of your blood pressure at day and at night.

Please refer to the “BP App” section Blood Pressure Monitoring App For Accurate Readings - AKTIIA on our website for a detailed explanation of how Aktiia's technology works.