During the 24-hours of the day, Aktiia gives you an average of 15-30 blood pressure measurements, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your blood pressure pattern trend over time, including day/night averages, and your time-in-target range.

You will see this on the Home Screen of your App.

Additionally, you can make a single cuff measurement anytime to have a spot check of your blood pressure.

  • To do so, open your Aktiia App and go to “Devices”. You need to have cuff paired (bracelet not needed).

  • Click on "Take Cuff measurement"

  • The App will then guide you to perform a correct measurement; make sure to not move and not speak during the measurement.

  • The cuff will then inflate and take a blood pressure reading

  • Once completed, you can go to the Home screen, scroll down to “Cuff measurements” to see the spot readings. Also, if you generate a report you will recognize your single cuff measurements from the cuff icon on the right of the line. Like this you can differentiate them from the bracelet measurements.