The circles represent the average measurement of your Systolic blood pressure over a 2 hours time range (shown on the bottom axis).

The diamonds represent the average measurement of your Diastolic blood pressure over a 2 hours time range (shown on the bottom axis).

If you click on a specific circle or diamond you will see the details of the number of measurements taken within that period of time on the top in black.
In this example: Time period 6AM to 8AM, 3 measurements were taken. 

In the picture below, 

130mmHg and 77mmHg represent the respective rolling average of all Systolic and Diastolic measurements taken from Midnight till now. The number of readings that this average includes is written below the date with the statement:  “Average of 13 measurements”.

Aktiia follows the guidelines specified by the European Society of Hypertension (ESH)(2018) for all EU countries. According to these guidelines, each measurement pair (SYS and DIA) should have one single colour.

The highest classification level of either the SYS or the DIA values determines the colour. For example, if your SYS measurement is over 145 mmHg and your DIA is under 80 mmHg, the classification colour of the reading will be Orange in the EU. An SYS value above 140 mmHg is classified as High Blood Pressure Stage 1 and represented with the colour Orange, as specified by the blood pressure guidelines from the European Society of Hypertension (ESH), released in 2018.

Please click on the question mark icon next to “Home” to see the classification graphs for your readings.