Aktiia strives to create a world-class product experience that enables anyone to manage hypertension or monitor their blood pressure while balancing the regulatory, clinical, software, and security requirements of being a Class IIa Medical Device.

To use the Aktiia app, you must use a device that supports a minimum version of Bluetooth and one of the following mobile operating system versions. 

However, to get the best experience, we strongly recommend keeping your device updated with the latest version of the Aktiia app and your platform’s mobile operating system at all times.

Bluetooth: v4.2 or above

Apple iOS: v15 or above

Android: v8 or above

Additional Notes

We will strive to maintain support for mobile operating systems (iOS and Android) that do not have an end-of-life status—meaning they are actively maintained and receiving security updates. 

  • If your device doesn’t meet the specified operating system requirements, you may still be able to use the Aktiia app, but results may vary, and unfortunately, you will not receive future product updates or improvements. You will also not be able to reinstall the app if you delete it. 

  • If you experience an issue and contact Aktiia support without the correct system requirements, our Customer Support team will ask you to use the correct system requirements. If you cannot update to the correct operating system, our Customer Support team will be unable to help you.

  • If you run into issues with an older version of the mobile app, there may be fixes in the newest version that could solve the problem. Our Customer Support team will recommend this as a first step during the support process if you have not updated it yet.